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Sovereign Vinyl Windows

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Ultra-premium Sovereign replacement windows expertly combine classic beauty, enduring strength and easy upkeep with maximum energy savings to achieve the ideal window system for your home.

Compare Sovereign's powerfully built construction with other vinyl windows, and you'll immediately see - and feel - the distinctive quality difference.

Product Features
Precision-engineered for outstanding thermal efficiency, Sovereign windows incorporate several best-in-class features to ensure an exceptionally strong and weathertight fit as well advanced energy savings and a markedly refined appearance:
  • High-Performance Construction Fusion-welded sash and mainframe provide superior strength and structural integrity, while neat, tight corners create enhanced aesthetic appeal.
  • Steel-Reinforced Meeting Rail Heavy-duty metal fortifies the window and allows for secure mounting of hardware.
  • Energy-Saving Design Foam-enhanced sash and mainframe, airtight insulating chambers, triple-barrier fin seal weather stripping and the PPG Intercept Warm-Edge Spacer System help block the transfer of heat and cold for superior energy savings.
  • Compression Bulb Seal at the Sill Creates an all-season weather barrier.
  • Enhanced Sloped Sill Achieves classic beauty, easy cleaning and prevention of water accumulation.
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Lifetime Limited Warranty
All City Contracting Images
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